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This paper presents a set of options for how targets, policies, and actions on short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) can be incorporated in new or updated NDCs to support the achievement of global climate goals and national development objectives.


The technical note discusses the methodology of the Restoration Opportunities Atlas, a first-of-its-kind web-based, accessible platform to support tree-based climate action in India.


Drawing on experience in 11 countries and the European Union, this paper provides core elements and concrete examples for jointly advancing the Sustainable Development Goals and climate actions under the Paris Agreement. Five key challenges are explored: coordinating institutions, aligning national climate and SDG-relevant targets, mainstreaming both set of goals into policy planning, optimizing financial resources, and building mutually reinforcing monitoring and reporting frameworks.


Promote NDC financing by identifying key capacity bottlenecks developing products designed at loosening those constraints.


This paper outlines a menu of options for enhancing NDCs by 2020 pursuant to the Paris Agreement. The menu includes options for enhancing the level of mitigation ambition of the NDC, elaborating or updating the adaptation content of an NDC, adding measures or actions to strengthening implementation and improving the clarity, transparency and understanding of the NDC.


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