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multilateral development banks

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Correcting the World’s Greatest Market Failure: Climate Change at the Multilateral Development Banks is a new analysis by the World Resources Institute that examines the challenges of mainstreaming climate change at the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs).


Export credit agencies (ECAs) are bilateral public institutions that facilitate financing for home country exporters and investors doing business overseas, particularly in developing countries and emerging market economies.


This brief surveys public participation policies across a range of international institutions and environmental agreements to better understand whether opportunities exist for meaningful participation in international decisions that affect the environment.


In Stumbling Toward Sustainability, edited by John C. Dernbach


Over the last fifteen years, two of the most contentious issues faced by the World Bank have been its involvement in the forest sector and its structural adjustment lending.

This report addresses the intersection of these two arenas by asking:


In the years since the Earth Summit in Rio, financial globalization has compounded the challenge of reconciling economic growth with environmental sustainability.


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