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long-term strategy related case study

LTS In Europe: Experience from National and EU-Wide 2050 Climate Planning

This case study describes the status quo and relevant recent developments at the EU and national levels on long-term climate strategies, detailing relevant insights on legal obligations, specific features, existing challenges, and potential future process.


Analytical Capacity for Long-Term Strategies

Effective long-term planning, depends on the analytical capacity to explore future scenarios and strategies. In this short case study, we outline important elements of LTS analytical capacity. We provide several illustrative lessons from recent experience.


Burkina Faso's National Adaptation Plan: A Long-Term Planning Effort

In 2012, Burkina Faso launched a comprehensive effort to develop a National Adaptation Plan. This case study explores Burkina Faso’s national process to formulate a medium- and long-term strategy for climate change adaptation, which in turn enabled the development of climate projections for...


Malta's National Transport Strategy, 2050, and Transport Master Plan, 2025

This case study gleans lessons on the development and implementation of Malta’s long-term Transport Strategy and Master Plan. The study details the circumstances leading to the planning process, the process of developing that plan, and lessons for those designing long-term sectoral plans.



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