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landscape restoration


Mapping Together is a guide that shows people how to use Collect Earth, a data-collection tool, to monitor progress on their forest and landscape restoration goals. By hosting collaborative data-collection mapathons, the guide helps users combine the best-available open-source monitoring tool with the expertise of people familiar with the landscape.


Restoring landscapes can bring economic, environmental, and social prosperity to people and the planet. In the Sidhi District of India’s Madhya Pradesh state, the opportunity is massive. By adapting the popular Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology (ROAM) to measure ecosystem services, livelihood benefits, land tenure, gender, and social inclusion and by mapping the social landscape, we uncovered that diverse potential.


The Sustainability Index for Landscape Restoration introduced in this report is a field-tested tool for measuring the impact of restoration efforts. It offers easy-to-use visual metrics to display biophysical and socioeconomic indicators that measure the health of a landscape. It also describes how these metrics have been used to convene dialogues among diverse stakeholders who must actively collaborate to restore the land.


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