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An ESCO is “a company that provides energy-efficiency-related and other value-added services and for which performance contracting is a core part of its energy-efficiency services business” (definition from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Association of Energy Service Compa


In recent years, the world has experienced a remarkable rise in the prices of vital commodities, including energy and agricultural products. For example, between 2006 and 2008, the average world price for oil rose by 110 percent, rice by 217 percent, wheat by 136 percent,

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Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is both hailed as a "silver bullet" for the coal industry, and reviled as a pipe dream. The reality is that the U.S. needs CCS, and a comprehensive policy framework for rapid development and deployment.


The Carbon Value Analysis Tool (CVAT) is a screening tool to help companies integrate the value of carbon dioxide emissions reductions into energy-related investment decisions. The tool has two main purposes:


The recent energy efficiency advances are due to a combination of more aggressive government policies, higher energy and production costs as well as an increasingly competitive environment for Chinese energy-intensive fi rms. As a result,


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