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human rights

It’s easy to see which households are connected to the grid, but regulatory commissions and utilities often lack information on supply interruptions, voltage levels or blackouts. It's a big reason so many Kenyans don't have reliable power.

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En un pintoresco pueblo situado en las colinas colombianas, Isabel Zuleta toma la palabra frente a una multitud. La policía, vestida en uniforme militar, los respalda mientras Zuleta habla sobre el derecho al agua, las preocupaciones de la comunidad sobre nuevos diques en el río Cauca, el cual usan para la pesca y otras necesidades, y las inundaciones que...

Grappling with Brazil's longest recession since the 1930s, government officials are under enormous pressure to combat rising unemployment, address corruption and control inflation. Yet two recent bills designed to solve the problem are misguided attempts that could degrade the environment, diminish human rights and hurt the economy.

The goal of the recent Open Government Partnership Global Summit was to highlight the crucial role of open government as a countervailing force to the rise of various forms of nationalism and populism. Although open government alone can’t solve this and other global challenges such as extreme poverty, climate change and mass migration, these problems can’t be solved without greater transparency and civic participation.


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