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GHG Protocol


This report shares 2015-16 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for WRI’s operations, compares the data to WRI’s historic results (link to historical reports), and specific cases, called stories, from the Sustainability Initiative’s efforts to reduce these emissions. Additional analysis and data of these individual stories is shared within each story, including WRI’s vegetarian food policy, carbon price on business travel, recycling program, and the work of the Sustainability Champions in WRI’s U.S. and Brazil offices.


This workshop will coincide with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition's 2018 Full Member Meeting, but is open to stakeholders from outside the coalition. We hope participants in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition annual meeting will consider arriving early to attend our event.


The U.S. business Showcase will bring together corporate leaders from iconic U.S. brands to explore their efforts to help decarbonize the American economy.

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A new WRI methodology enables fossil fuel companies to measure and disclose their upstream emissions, an increasingly scrutinized factor for investors and regulators.

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More and more companies are setting science-based emissions-reduction targets. These targets represent a company’s share of the global carbon budget, the amount of carbon the world can collectively emit while hoping to limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees C.


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