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What will the final outcome of the Paris climate talks be called? An agreement? A package? A treaty? As delegates make progress crafting the negotiating text at COP 21, there has been intense discussion about its legal form. Here are seven questions and answers to help understand this important issue as we head towards the climate conference's final week.

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With international climate negotiations mere weeks away in Paris, there is keen interest in how countries' climate action plans, known as INDCs, will address climate change. A new assessment shows 80 percent of INDCs submitted so far -- including those from the world's eight biggest emitters -- call for an increase in the supply of clean energy.

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At a UN Summit in September, the largest-ever gathering of world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, a bold new roadmap to tackle climate change and extreme poverty by 2030. The global community now faces the real work of translating vision into action. Fortunately, early actions by some countries already align with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and help point the way forward.


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