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Limited transparency around corporate sustainability risks can lead to investments that are bad for the environment, and investors' bottom lines.


In 2008, a unique research collaboration between The World Resources Institute (WRI) — a leading environmental think tank —and HSBC — a major global financial institution — was formed to better understand the financial materiality of


Energy insecurity, water scarcity, and climate change pose growing risks for the real estate sector in South and Southeast Asia, yet the connections between these trends and financial impacts are not well understood by analysts, investors, companies, and governments in the


Water-related risks are receiving more attention than in the past, yet the connection to power sector development is not well understood by investors, governments, and companies in South and Southeast Asia. This report presents a framework for investors and analysts to


This report identifies the potential financial impacts arising from climate change and water scarcity on the publicly listed companies in the USD1 $40 billion food and beverage (F&B) sector in South and Southeast Asia. It focuses on domestic companies that process and


In a world where the physical impacts of environmental degradation are already being felt, and most governments have embraced some form of regulation to mitigate further damage to the environment, environmental concerns are increasingly relevant to companies’ bottom


The health of the planet is becoming a significant issue for the financial and corporate world. Powerful global trends around the environment, sustainability, business, and investment have converged to a point that certain environmental issues have become

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Climate change is upon us. The earth is warming, seasons are shifting, species are migrating, and water is flowing in new patterns. The accelerating and deepening impacts of climate change will touch everyone on earth, but those who stand to suffer most are the poor.


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