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Capital of all types must go toward building ocean resilience and minimizing ocean risks, yet investment into the ocean economy is drastically low. Transforming economic models and market systems is a critical step in slowing the decline in ocean health, stopping biodiversity loss and realizing the full economic potential of the ocean.


This paper proposes a framework with four important areas that we need to focus on to build an enabling ecosystem for a linked energy and development agenda. The paper also details actions that energy and development sector actors—specifically, African governments, the donor community, the private sector, and civil society can take to create better links.


As the COVID-19 crisis reverberates around the world, millions of people are at risk and protective measures have sent economies into a tailspin. Ahead of the first virtual World Bank and International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings, join leading experts for a discussion on how multilateral banks can ensure their responses not only address the current crisis, but lay the groundwork for a more stable, inclusive, and sustainable future.


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