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Aqueduct 3.0: Updated Decision-Relevant Global Water Risk Indicators

This technical note serves as the main reference for the updated Aqueduct™ 3.0 water risk framework, in which we combine 13 water risk indicators—including quantity, quality, and reputational risks—into a composite overall water risk score. All Aqueduct 3.0 data can be accessed...


Water, Security and Conflict

This paper summarizes our current understanding of water and security threats and their links to conflict, migration, and food insecurity. It is intended for professionals in the defense, diplomacy, and development fields. We review the key drivers behind growing water risk, describe and...

Home is a place of stability and security. It is a place where families come together to work towards and celebrate mutual prosperity. But as the human and economic toll of climate change continues to rise, we face legitimate risk of this sense of home being uprooted.


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