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degraded lands


Central Africa's forests have a long history of human use. Large-scale commercial logging, however, is a recent phenomenon.

This report addresses the following questions:


Throughout much of the developing world, accelerating deforestation is laying waste to vital economic assets, destroying fragile soils, and driving wild species to extinction. In industrialized countries as well, forests are imperiled by pollution and contested by conflicting uses.


Widely recognized as a unique and authoritative assessment of the world's natural resouce base, the World Resources series has been praised as "a consumer's guide to the globe." Building on earlier editions, World Resources 1988-89 gives special attention to envi


The inaugural 1986 edition features a special chapter on multiple pollutants and forest decline and focuses attention on a number of important issues: the environment and human health; tropical deforestation; the atmosphere as a shared resources; soil degradation; the relationship of population a


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