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The Fourth National Climate Assessment report, from the U.S. government’s Global Change Research Program, was just released. The report, prepared with the support and approval of 13 federal agencies, and with input from hundreds of government and non-governmental experts, provides an comprehensive look at how climate change will impact the United States. Read a statement by Dan Lashof, U.S. Director, World Resources Institute.


For millennia, harvesting resources from the seas, lakes, and rivers has been a source of sustenance and livelihood for millions of people. That is nearly as true today as it was a century ago.


Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems (PAGE): Coastal Ecosystems analyzes quantitative and qualitative information and develops selected indicators of the condition of the world's coastal ecosystems and marine fisheries.


Say the words “extinction crisis,” and what most likely comes to mind first is a tropical forest in flames – an apt image when deforestation is the main force behind a species extinction rate unmatched in 65 million years.

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