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climate finance

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The Adaptation Futures conference in Holland last week brought together more than 1,700 practitioners and researchers from more than 95 countries—the largest-ever conference on climate adaptation. From the discussions, it's clear than 2016 is quickly becoming the year of action on resilience.

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Uruguay went from having virtually no wind generation in 2007 to installing the most wind per capita of any nation in 2014. New WRI research explores the country's smart use of climate finance, and offers lessons on how other nations can successfully transform their energy sectors.

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Last week, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board met for its last meeting before the upcoming climate talks in Paris. Countries created the GCF to be the main global fund for climate finance, and as such, it could play a vital role in delivering the goals of an agreement in Paris. If the GCF is to be a key player in the future climate regime, it needs to show that it can effectively spend money. Is it up to the task?


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