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WASHINGTON— On Wednesday, May 20, World Resources Institute and The Access Initiative will launch the Environmental Democracy Index, the first publicly available, online platform that measures countries’ environmental legal rights and practice.

The launch event will present findings for 70 countries in the index, including rankings, legal and practice indicators, and specific country examples. Speakers will also discuss the state of environmental democracy around the world.


Jamaicans will have greater access to information about infrastructure developments and their environmental impact in the form of Development Alert!, a new interactive website created by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), World Resources Institute (WRI), and The Access Initiative with support from software developers Blue Raster

The “resource curse" describes the paradox where countries rich in oil, gas, and minerals remain largely impoverished. Better transparency—both in how governments spend extractive revenues and how natural resource decisions are made—could help tackle this problem. While some new initiatives are making progress on this front, more needs to be done to ensure that drilling and mining doesn’t come at the expense of communities and the land, water, and wildlife they rely on.


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