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Sustainable Development Goal 8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

Over the past decade, the rise in global growth has failed to deliver increased wealth for many of the world’s workers. Nor has it improved prospects for women, youth and impoverished people. Many regions continue to experience high unemployment rates and poor-quality jobs. To create decent work opportunities for all, nations need to increase employment opportunities, reduce the gender pay gap, and promote safe and secure working environments.

Multiple WRI initiatives support a shift to sustainable and inclusive growth patterns that avoid GHG emissions and environmental degradation (SDG 8.4), create employment opportunities for all and reduce inequality (SDG 8.3, SDG 8.5, SDG 8.6). The New Climate Economy project, managed by WRI, shows how transitioning to a low-carbon economy could generate 65 million jobs by 2030. Our Climate Program supports countries planning a just transition to sustainability (SDG 8.3, SDG 8.8). WRI’s Business Center works with corporations to help them transform their growth models for greater sustainability and productivity, using science-based sustainability targets and greater resource efficiency (SDG 8.4). Our Finance Center builds the economic case for sustainable investments through our research on Greening Private Finance.

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