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Ending Tropical Deforestation

The Ending Tropical Deforestation Series is a collection of working papers prepared for the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum in June 2018. The series dives in to specific topics related to tropical deforestation and provides an assessment of progress achieved and challenges ahead.

Ending Tropical Deforestation: Tropical Forest Monitoring: Exploring the Gaps Between What is Required and What is Possible for REDD+ and Other Initiatives

Never has there been so much demand for data and information about the world’s forests. Achieving international goals and national commitments related to forest conservation and management, climate change, and sustainable development requires credible, accurate, and reliable monitoring of...

Ending Tropical Deforestation: Mining Global Financial Data to Increase Transparency and Reduce Drivers of Deforestation

The climate and forest community has not yet harnessed the full power of the information age to create transparency in the global commodities markets. There exists a wealth of global financial data that can reveal the financial drivers of deforestation. Using the power of big data, forest...

Ending Tropical Deforestation: Jurisdictional Approaches to REDD+ and Low Emissions Development: Progress and Prospects

The jurisdictional approach (JA) to REDD+ and low emissions development has gained considerable currency in recent years. As understood here, JA refers to a government-led, comprehensive approach to forest and land use across one or more legally defined territories. Multiple efforts directed at...

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