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  • Bringing together independent research institutes and civil society groups from key countries around the world to monitor national progress on climate change policy.

  • Promoting citizen-centered governance by increasing civic participation, improving transparency and strengthening accountability

  • A global network of leaders and innovators seeking breakthroughs in green economic growth

  • Helping the global community to forge a transformative and inclusive global sustainable development agenda by 2015.

  • Providing globally open data about power plants to increase transparency and help understand the environmental effects of power production

  • Visualizing data to build climate resilience

  • India's first car-free day returns streets to people.

  • Supporting low-cost innovations in tree, land and water management for improved food security, poverty reduction and climate resilience.

  • Raising awareness of threats to coral reefs and providing information and tools to manage coastal habitats more effectively.

  • Resource Watch provides trusted and timely data for a sustainable future.

  • Smart companies understand the risks posed by climate change and demonstrate leadership by setting science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets.

  • With shale gas production changing the global energy picture, WRI analysis is helping to clarify the challenges and opportunities of this complex energy source.


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