Willy Daeli is a researcher for Wahana Riset Indonesia 2.0, in the field of Incentive Schemes and Economic Instrument for Land-Based Emissions Reduction.

In 2013, he graduated from Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia) with a major in anthropology and a Bachelor of Social Science. In 2018, he received a master’s degree from University of Florida in United States of America (USA) with a major in Forest Resources and Conservation funded by USAID-CIFOR fellowship. Previously he worked with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Indonesia.

He worked with different stakeholders (including policy makers, local community people, and private sector) from peri-urban through to remote forest areas. Through these experiences, he wished to understand more about the relation between the local community and the global world – the “Glocal” intersection of natural resource governance. These internationally framed sustainability challenges are primarily a matter of the continuity and sustainability of the environment and forests, which importantly cannot be separated from the efforts at the local level to sustain, manage, and use their natural resources.