Viviane Sobral is a Data Science Analyst at the Forests, Land Use and Agriculture Program, where she collaborates in the collection, production, analysis and management of social and environmental data (spatial and alphanumeric) focused on themes related to the Program.

Before joining the WRI Brasil team, Viviane interned for two years at WWF Brasil, where she later provided consultancy services for another two years, supporting territorial planning and monitoring the restoration of native vegetation in the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado Biomes. Viviane also provided geoprocessing consultancy services for six months for TNC Brasil.

In the academic, she graduated in Biological Sciences – Bachelor's degree from the University of Brasília (UnB) and was part of the ICMBio Scientific Initiation Program for a year, where she carried out research related to the prioritization of areas for the creation of private protected areas based on their importance for the connectivity of forest fragments in the Serra do Mar and Bahia Ecoregions (Brazilian Atlantic Forest).

Viviane is also an artist and in her spare time, she dances professionally at various events in Brasília.