Uttara Narayan is a Manager for Energy Governance at WRI India. Her work involves the use of inter-disciplinary approaches to address challenges at the intersection of environment, social justice and development.

Her work focuses on making instruments of decision-making such as data and policies more inclusive and applying political economy analyses to understand stakeholder priorities for the energy access work in Jharkhand and the Energy Access Explorer Platform. Uttara’s work on climate governance identifies approaches to make sub-national and civil society voices more prominent in decision-making. Her interests also lie in expanding the interpretation of a just energy transition to include broader consequences of exclusion and socio-economic costs, and ways to address them to achieve a transition to clean energy that is net positive. Previously, Uttara worked for Athena Infonomics, a development advisory organization in the areas of local governance and environment.

Uttara holds a master’s in Development Studies from IIT-Madras and a master’s in Public Policy from the University of Oxford on a Chevening Weidenfeld scholarship.

She enjoys literary fiction, total football, and music from the 1950s.