Sophia Pestana is a Data Science Intern at WRI Brasil. She is part of the Forestry, Land Use and Agriculture Program team, collaborating in the analysis, support and spatialization of data in projects aimed at restoring forests and landscapes.

Before joining WRI, Sophia worked in companies in the field of technology for climate monitoring and also strategies in market intelligence. She was a PEEG fellow in the Remote Sensing Applied to Geography course and participated in the junior company, FEA Júnior, at the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting, both at the University of São Paulo. In addition, she is carrying out her Scientific Initiation offered by Fundapeg with the Institute of Agricultural Economics (IEA) in the project “Price and Import Index of Natural Rubber”.

Sophia Pestana is a graduate student in Geography at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo (USP) and is currently taking a series of courses focused on data analysis and geoprocessing.