Serge Rafanoharana is the Remote Sensing & Database Manager for the USAID Hay Tao project. He leads the database and information management activities.

Prior to joining WRI, Serge worked as the GIS Manager at Aidenvironment in Indonesia. He was in charge of the overall supervision of the GIS unit, and also responsible for the data management. He also made sure that the communication between the technical staff and other consultants or clients runs smoothly.

Previously, he worked at Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) based in Indonesia. He was involved in various projects across South East Asia, Latin America and Africa dealing with land use/land cover change, adaptation and mitigation to climate change, spatial analysis and modeling.

He holds an MSc in information technology for natural resources management from the Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia, and another master's degree in information systems and technology from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Apart from his research interest in climate and earth system models, protected areas and conservation management, and Web-based GIS, he enjoys visiting new places with his family and also riding his motorbike.