Pulakesh Das works as a Senior Project Associate with the Sustainable Landscapes and Restoration program at WRI India. He comes with more than seven years of experience in analyzing and integrating various satellite, remote sensing and collateral geospatial data using geo-statistical and machine learning approaches. Pulakesh coordinates the forest and tree cover mapping in various Indian landscapes and supports other mapping and monitoring exercises.

Before joining WRI India, he taught for two years (2017-19) as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Remote Sensing and GIS at Vidyasagar University, West Bengal. Between 2013-17, Pulakesh worked as a Junior and subsequently, a Senior Research Fellow at three national and international research projects at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. There he was also associated with three other research projects between 2017-19.

He holds a Ph.D from IIT Kharagpur and has, till date, published 13 research articles in various peer-reviewed journals.

When not working, Pulakesh enjoys travel, photography and movies.