Norma is the Oceans Coordinator at WRI Mexico. She is responsible for monitoring the activities of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Oceanic Economy, providing support to the Mexican government for the implementation of the Panel's activities and agreements, promoting marine and coastal ecosystems projects at WRI Mexico, and monitoring the SDG 14 on underwater life.

Norma has extensive experience in research, sustainable development and biodiversity conservation projects. She worked with the National Forestry Commission as a specialist in environmental safeguards of the Forest and Climate Change Project, and with the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas in the Project to Strengthen the Effectiveness of Management and Resilience of Protected Areas to Safeguard Threatened Biodiversity for Climate Change. She has worked as an independent consultant specialist in environmental and social safeguards to develop environmental assessments and environmental management plans.

Norma is a Biologist, with a master's degree in International Ecology and a doctorate in Biological Sciences from UNAM, in the Laboratory of Fragmented Landscape Ecology.