Noah Dewar is the 2020 Schneider summer fellow working with the Aqueduct team to help build the next version of the global model for the water, peace, and security project.

After the summer fellowship Noah will return to Stanford University where he is a PhD candidate in the environmental geophysics research group. He graduated from McGill university, in Montreal, in 2012 with a joint major in physics and geophysics. After graduation he worked in airborne geophysical exploration for three and a half years working on projects in exotic locales such as Tunisia, Colombia, and Northern Canada before entering the PhD program at Stanford. At Stanford, Noah has served on the graduate student advisory council for the department of geophysics, and is currently the Vice President of the Stanford chapter of the society for exploration geophysicists.

He is also both an avid rock climber, and ultimate frisbee devotee. Previously both playing with and coaching the varsity ultimate frisbee team at Mcgill, and currently coaching the team at Stanford. Other interests include improving his Spanish, learning more French, back country camping, Muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu, and more recently house plants and handmade pasta.