Dr. Meron Tesfamichael is the Director of the WRI Africa Energy Program, leading the Institute's efforts in two key areas: energy access and clean energy transition. The energy access pillar seeks to identify sustainable, affordable and reliable energy solutions to communities that lack access or are facing challenges with inadequate or unreliable power supply. Simultaneously, under the clean energy transition pillar, support countries in identifying contextually appropriate transition pathways that are in harmony with climate commitments and development needs.

Prior to joining WRI, Meron held the position of Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at University College London, where her work concentrated on the intersection of energy transition and sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa. Meron has extensive background in leading and managing projects across Africa on a range of issues, including energy access and efficiency, electrification of cooking, energy governance, just transition, and climate-compatible policies. Under flagship energy programs, Meron has regularly collaborated with researchers, public institutions, and development partners to inform the debate on energy access and transition in Africa.

Meron holds a Ph.D. in politics and a master's in liberal studies from the New School for Social Research in the USA and has authored numerous reports and academic papers. Meron is also an advocate for integrated and transdisciplinary perspectives on Africa's energy challenge as essential for developing equitable, inclusive, and sustainable solutions.