Lisa is the Head of Knowledge Services for the NDC Partnership Support Unit, where she leads the Unit’s work on peer-peer learning and knowledge engagement with Asian countries. She also provides strategic and monitoring and evaluation support.

Lisa has worked in international development for over 20 years, primarily in Asia. During her nine years in China, Lisa led several teams at UNICEF. As Chief of Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, she designed a program monitoring system to facilitate progress tracking and timely program adaptation, and developed a new research review process to calibrate research initiatives with strategic goals and advocacy priorities. Lisa also served as UNICEF’s Emergency Coordinator, supporting post-disaster health, water, sanitation and child protection interventions, as well as disaster risk reduction planning. In leading UNICEF’s Child Protection and Child Rights Program in China, she supported the early stages of a more integrated child protection system, and managed programs improving access to education and health services for migrant and impoverished families.

Previous work included assisting WHO to develop a five-year Country Cooperation Strategy in China, advising a UNDP gender in public policy project in Vietnam, facilitating UN coordination in Vietnam, and managing a UN counter-trafficking program in the Mekong Sub-region.