Liqing Peng is a food and agriculture modeler in WRI’s Food Program, with a primary focus on analyzing carbon emissions and land use of food and wood production across various scales. Liqing is the model lead for CHARM, a global forestry carbon and land-use accounting model, where she oversees model development, data collection, and climate impact analysis associated with future demand. She also enhances and updates the GlobAgri-WRR global agriculture model, jointly developed by WRI and CIRAD, to support global and national analyses of agriculture’s effects under future scenarios. Additionally, she manages the automation project for Coolfood, which facilitates data transfer into the Coolfood Calculator, and contributes to projects with WRI China aimed at achieving sustainable and healthy diets.

Prior to joining WRI, Liqing was a researcher in the field of water resources and agriculture. She focused on developing climate datasets and evaporative demand models to better understand the impact of climate change on water demand and agriculture.

Liqing holds a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering from Princeton University, a B.S. in Geosciences and a B.A. in Philosophy from Peking University.

Liqing loves mountains and enjoys hiking in her spare time to explore waterfalls and lakes.