Lei Yin joined the WRI China office in Nov 2012 as a Research Analyst to Climate and Energy Program. She provides analytical support to the GHG data quality management and assurance in China.

Before join WRI, she was a GHG Lead Assessor and Product Coordinator in SGS Climate Change Programme. She has offered a range of Validation and Verification Services for GHGs emission reduction projects in China (including: biomass power generation project, waste heat recovery project, Wind and Hydropower project and District heating system).

Lei used to be a student in the Environment department at the University of York. Her master thesis focused on developing a math model to assess the potential sensitivity of crops (rice and wheat) to ground-level ozone (O3) and the future climate change. The whole research project was supported by Stockholm Environment Institute, York Centre (UK). In addition, she also has research experience in the field of carbon footprint analysis. Her master degree is an MSc in Environmental science at York University obtained in 2009.