Kai Kresek is a GIS Product Manager working on the creation and implementation of national forest and land use atlases in the South Caucasus, Central Africa, and Madagascar. She partners with governments, NGOs, and academic institutions to combine national data with global data and technology from Global Forest Watch to monitor forests and land use on a national scale. Additionally, she manages the development cycle for the MapBuilder online mapping application and works with WRI partners to develop this tool to best serve all of its users.

Before her role as a GIS Product Manager, she works with Global Forest Watch as the Junior Data Specialist. In this position, she worked to streamline and manage the process for updating and incorporating data into the Global Forest Watch platform and associated applications.

Prior to her employment with WRI, she worked in both academic research and public sector research with the United States Geological Survey.

Kai holds a B.A. in Geography, as well as Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

In her free time, Kai enjoys creating art, playing music, and learning languages. Also, as a native Coloradoan, she also loves spending time out and about, exploring the green spaces of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. One fun fact is that her favorite animal is the tapir. Did you know that tapirs are a living fossil? They've been around since the Eocene, and have survived multiple waves of extinctions of other animals!