Felicity is an Advisor to WRI.

Before joining WRI, Felicity spent 20 years as an environmental advocate in Australia. For over a decade she led the work of the Wilderness Society in NSW, working to protect forests and end land clearing, including the protection of over 1 million hectares of wilderness in her home state. She has worked as environment and climate change advisor to the Australian Labor Party and the Leader of the Opposition.

She has been the National Convenor of the environment and climate change lobby (LEAN) within the Australian Labor Party, successfully campaigning for public ownership of renewable energy infrastructure, commitments to ambitious emission reduction targets and broad-ranging environmental law reform. One of her proudest recent achievements is working with blue collar unions to establish an alliance between worker and environmental interests in the Hunter Valley - home to the world’s largest coal port – building momentum for economic diversification in the public interest.

She has a Masters of Political Economy, focusing on environment and public policy from the University of Sydney.

She lives with her partner and two kids in Sydney and likes to be in the Australian bush as much as she can.