Fabíola Zerbini is the Director for Forests, Land Use and Agriculture of WRI Brasil.

Fabíola’s work in the socio-environmental field has been recognized for more than 25 years, especially in promoting value chains and catalyzing public-private partnerships for the economic, integrated and sustainable development of key Latin American territories concerning agriculture, forests and land use agenda.

Fabíola holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law, a specialization in Education for Sustainable Societies (Esalq-USP) and a PhD in Environmental Science (Procam/USP). She has worked as a professor in Environmental Management specialization classes at Faculdade Senac (Senac College) and as a researcher in different laboratories at the University of São Paulo throughout her academic career.

Outside the academic field, she has been executive director of non-governmental organizations such as FACES do Brasil and FSC Brasil. More recently, she has worked as Latin America Director at Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) – an alliance hosted by the World Economic Forum to eradicate the deforestation linked to commodity production and to build bridges among producers, buyers and players from the private sector, governments and the organized civil society.