Elizabeth Farina is Executive Director of WRI Brasil. She leads a team of over 70 professionals who work in close collaboration with local leaders to protect the environment and create solutions that foster Brazil's prosperity in an inclusive and sustainable fashion. 

Before joining WRI Brasil, Elizabeth was president director of Tendências Consultoria Integrada, one of Brazil's leading economic consulting firms. She was also a Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) leader, the largest organization in Brazil representing sugar, ethanol, and bioelectricity producers. She also served as president of the Brazilian Antitrust authority, reporting to the Ministry of Justice. 

Elizabeth is a prominent economist with an extensive research background at the University of São Paulo, where she lectured, coordinated research projects, supervised thesis, and led the Economics Department for four years. She has extensive research on food and agribusiness sectors, antitrust best practices, competition, and market structure.  

Elizabeth holds a Ph.D in Economics from University of São Paulo and undergraduate degree in Economics from the same university.