Dorine Wytema is a Senior Advisor in the Business Center and the Climate Team. She will bring in her long experience in governmental and international affairs, as well as her extensive EU knowledge.

Dorine has worked almost her entire career as a diplomat with the Netherlands (NL) Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has held positions at the NL Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels (2002) and at the NL Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, working as deputy head of press and culture (2010). At MFA headquarters in The Hague she has worked on EU trade matters, NL-Israel relations and the Middle East Peace Process, security issues related to nuclear security (NSS) and cyber security, and on combatting terrorism. In 2016, before moving to Washington DC in 2020, Dorine was seconded to the NL Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, tasked with mainstreaming the SDGs within this Ministry, and responsible for the NL international policy on achieving a global circular economy.

Dorine has a legal background: she has a law degree (Masters of Law (LLM)), with a specialization in International Law and Human Rights. After graduating, she held an internship at the United Nations in Geneva. Her first job was as a legal advisor at the law firm that traditionally acts as the State Attorney, working on migration cases.

Dorine loves spending time with her husband and three puppies: two kids and a Dalmatian. She enjoys playing field hockey and tennis; her favorite holidays are skiing trips. She likes to listen to all sorts of music and to be seized by a good novel. She highly appreciates good humor and putting things into perspective.