Caitlin is an Associate with the Sustainable Finance Center, where she serves as the long-term Climate Finance Advisor to the Ministry of Economy of Fiji.

From March 2019 to March 2020, she was embedded within the Climate Change Division of the Ministry of Economy, where she is helping the Ministry to design, implement, and operationalize a strategy on how to increase both Fiji's access to and effective use of domestic and international sources of climate finance. She has continued this work from the US due to COVID impacts. In addition to her work in Fiji, has been deeply involved in Finance Center projects on how various international finance mechanisms, including the MDBs, G20, and IMF, can better integrate climate change into their agendas.

Prior to joining WRI, she worked as a consultant on both smart water metering and a range of issues at the intersection of environmental and energy policy, and as an intern on international climate finance for the US Department of the Treasury.

A Colorado native, she is most at home scaling mountains, backpacking, playing frisbee barefoot, or cheering on the Colorado Rockies. She sorely misses the remarkably leisurely pace of the small island life.