Benson is the Africa Lead for energy access work in Africa. His work is focused on leading a strategy and projects to accelerate the deployment of clean energy in support of the sustainable development goals, including providing strategic inputs to WRI’s overall energy program’s engagement in East Africa. In realizing the organization’s ambitions in the region, Benson works closely with different partners including Civil Society actors, private sector players as well as policy makers to build an appreciation on user-centric approach to energy access.

Prior to joining WRI, Benson worked with Christian Aid as the Regional Manager for Climate Change & Sustainable Energy for Africa. At Christian Aid, Benson was responsible for development and growth of the energy (for productive use) portfolio across five countries, as well as mobilizing and building the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to influence increased investment in decentralized energy systems as well as engagement in energy planning at the national level.

Benson holds a master’s degree in Strategic Management from Daystar University, Kenya.

Benson lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife Cynthia, and their lovely son, Sean-Ethan Ngao.