Apurba is the Head of National Climate Policy for WRI India, managing government engagement on climate and energy policy at the national level. She is responsible for tracking national progress on climate change through independent, robust, consistent, and transparent assessments. Apurba was previously working as part of the Measurement and Performance Tracking project (MAPT) in the global Climate Program out of the Washington DC office.

Apurba has lead the customization of the Energy Policy Simulator for India which is an open source System Dynamics computer model that estimates the effects of policies on emissions, financial metrics, electricity system structure, clean energy, electric vehicles, and other outputs.

Prior to joining WRI, Apurba worked with KPMG’s Climate Change & Sustainability Services in India. She has experience in diverse climate change assignments spanning a range of sectors: Energy Industries (Renewable Energy/Non-Renewable – Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass), Manufacturing Industries (Polyurethane Foam, Textile, Iron & Steel, Sugar, Paper), Chemical Industries (Fertilizer), Transport, and Waste. She also gained considerable policy level experience in her previous organizations while working closely with agencies responsible for climate change in the Indian Government. Apurba has previously contributed to the 12th Five year plan chapter and steering committee report on Environment, Forestry, Climate Change and Wildlife, assisted the Government of India in framing the 2% CSR spend guidelines for private sector companies and assisted the Government of India in framing mandatory Sustainable Development Guidelines for Public Sector Utilities.

She has served as lead author for the publication ‘Pathways for Meeting India’s Climate Goals’, co-authored the GHG Protocol Policy & Action Standard, contributed to the UNEP Emissions Gap Report as an author and reviewer, among several other publications.

Apurba holds a BE in Environmental Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India. She shuttles between Delhi and West Bengal where she lives with her family.