Aaron is the manager of the TerraMatch platform within WRI’s Global Restoration Initiative. Formerly working on landscape restoration projects in Kenya and Central America, Aaron now leverages his field experiences and interactions with local restoration champions to better meet their needs and create inclusive platforms that connect them with global organizations to catalyze change on the ground. He has skills in GIS analysis, project management, and workshop facilitation. He is also knowledgeable on the topics of land use planning, deforestation and forest degradation, landscape ecology, wildlife management, community engagement, permaculture and sustainable agriculture, and monitoring.

Before joining WRI, Aaron worked with the Student Conservation Association as a crew leader, designing, building and maintaining hiking trails and recreational areas in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

Aaron grew up living overseas, including Niger, Benin, and Bolivia, and has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America and East Africa. He holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences and policy, with a concentration in environmental management from Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C., and a bachelor’s degree in international business administration from The College of New Jersey, with a minor in Spanish.

Aaron's interests include photography, restorative agriculture, ecological restoration and natural history.