Aaron Addison is a Grants & Finance Specialist in the Center for Equitable Development. He works to expand WRI’s visibility and impact, and influence decision-makers to advance solutions for today’s environmental challenges.

Aaron holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington. Before joining WRI, he worked with the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation as a Program Associate, managing grants and scholarships that supported the local communities. Aaron also served as a Program Coordinator and Bookkeeper with the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center (PDRC). While working with PDRC he co-developed the Community Justice and Peace-building Program, working closely with community members and non-profit organizations to bring attention to important community issues.

Aaron has stated, "My family always promoted the importance of volunteer work and supporting your community, setting a clear example to follow. My experience at PDRC, interacting with the local communities, made a career in non-profit work the clear choice. " In Aaron’s free time, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, hiking, and fishing. Aaron, being self-taught, also finds relaxation in playing his various musical instruments.