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Zablon Adane


Zablon is an Associate working in the Water Program. He is currently working on water risk analysis and mapping project and researching opportunities to reduce water stress and improving...

Emily Nilson


Emily Nilson is an Associate within WRI’s Office of Science and Research. She works on Resource Watch, a dynamic platform that provides trusted and timely data for a sustainable future, and the...

Katherine Ross


Katie Ross is an Associate with WRI’s Climate Program, where she supports the development of research and information products for the Open Climate Network—an independent partnership of policy...

Ariel Pinchot


Ariel is an Associate with WRI’s Sustainable Finance Center, where she conducts research to advance sustainable investment practices in the private sector.

Prior to joining WRI, she...

Rutger Willem Hofste


Rutger Hofste is an associate for WRI’s water team. His primary task includes the development of the new Aqueduct water risk information platform including a suite of online tools and water risk...

Sylvia Tognetti


Sylvia Tognetti is an Associate with the WRI Natural Infrastructure for Water Initiative in the Food, Forests and Water Program. Through this initiative, she helps to build the case and develop...

Mengpin Ge


Mengpin is an Associate with WRI’s Global Climate Program, where she provides analytical and technical support for the Open Climate Network (OCN) and CAIT 2.0 projects. Her work focuses on...

Ruth Nogueron


Ruth Noguerón is an Associate with the World Resources Institute’s Forests Program. A researcher for both the Forest Legality Initiative and Global Forest Watch, Ruth focuses on forest private...


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