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As climate change delivers more severe heat waves, drought, and extreme weather around the world, the need for global action has never been greater. The U.N. Climate Summit 2014—which took place on September 23, 2014 in New York City—was a key opportunity to build momentum.

The summit offered a forum for heads of state to announce actions their countries will take to address climate change and its impacts. Business, city, and civil society leaders are expected to put forward new initiatives to help usher in a low-carbon economy. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has called for participants to spur ambitious action on the ground and lay the foundation for an international climate agreement in 2015.

WRI’s experts (see below) attended and closely followed the summit. Our research and tools can help leaders create strong climate action commitments. We’ll continue to evaluate the announcements made, and explain their potential implications for the world’s forests, cities, transport systems, businesses, and climate policy.

Check this page regularly for our latest expert blog posts, events, and other resources related to Climate Summit 2014.

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