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How Can Companies Show Leadership on Climate Change?

Just 15 years ago, when the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol initiative was in its early days, only a few leading companies measured and reported their emissions. Today it is standard practice. What is next for corporate leadership on climate change?

Companies can look to WRI for guidance on a new set of leadership actions such as those championed by coalitions like We Mean Business. In the coming months and years, companies will be expected to:

  • Adopt a science-based GHG emissions reduction target.
    WRI, CDP, UN Global Compact and WWF are helping companies use climate science as a benchmark for GHG performance targets.
    Learn more. Contact: Cynthia Cummis
  • Put a price on carbon.
    WRI and partners are gathering experiences and input from dozens of companies that are creating internal carbon pricing programs and supporting public policy action.
    Learn more. Contact: Eliot Metzger
  • Engage responsibly in climate policy.
    WRI and seven partner organizations established a shared expectation for how companies can demonstrate that they are lobbying on climate policy in a credible, transparent, and consistent manner.
    Learn more. Contact: Eliot Metzger
  • Disclose climate friendliness of portfolios and manage carbon asset risk.
    WRI, as a member of the Portfolio Carbon Initiative, is developing a series of resources to guide financial institutions towards greater climate performance and away from the risks attached to carbon-intensive assets.
    Learn more. Contact: Cynthia Cummis
  • Remove commodity-driven deforestation from all supply chains by 2020.
    WRI has created Global Forest Watch—Commodities, a business tool to address deforestation in commodity supply chains.
    Learn more. Contact: Sarah Lake
  • Map and assess your company’s water risks in a changing climate.
    WRI has created the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas as a tool for business, investors, and others to understand water risks to operations and supply chains.
    Learn more. Contact: Andrew Maddocks
  • Interested to learn more about WRI’s work with companies on climate change and other sustainability priorities?
    WRI's Corporate Consultative Group is a collection of forward-thinking companies interested in understanding sustainability issues that affect the corporate community. The Group serves as a vehicle for exchanging valuable thinking about responses to shared challenges.
    Learn more. Contacts: Andreea Culian, Amy D’Avella

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