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The Clean Power Council operates in three workstreams, focusing on emissions factors, utilities’ strategies and customers’ renewable energy goals and electric vehicles. For an overview of the Clean Power Council, see this brochure.

Workstream 1: Aligning Interests – The Intersection Between Utility Emissions Factors & Customers’ Sustainability & Energy Goals

Workstream 1 explores alignment between corporate renewable energy and emissions targets and utility emissions trajectories. The workgroup examines customer/utility values, reporting metrics and policy/regulatory considerations for achieving clean energy goals.


Workstream 2: Bending the Curve Together – Leveraging Common Goals in IRPs & Asset Strategies

Workstream 2 explores ways to use utilities’ integrated resource plans and other strategies in order to help companies meet their renewable energy and emissions goals. The workgroup looks at the intersections between utility and customer plans, and asks how customer goals can encourage and support more clean energy on the grid.


Workstream 3: Leveraging Electric Vehicles to Drive Toward a Cleaner Grid

Workstream 3 explores the ways that electric vehicles can help meet clean energy requirements of large companies. The workgroup discusses what role customers can play in accelerating the transition to electric vehicles, and looks at the ways electric vehicles can reduce the costs of the clean energy transition.


  • Upcoming: Designing Utility Programs for Electric Vehicles to Maintain Grid Reliability and Meet Sustainability Goals

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