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What types of restoration activities are part of the commitment?

The initiative will support reforestation (natural and assisted), conservation of forests as well as avoided deforestation as elements of an integral restoration process. Cognizant of the various degrees of land degradation in the region, the initiative will also support efforts to recover land functionality (soil conservation and recovery; carbon storage; water retention and stable hydrologies; biodiversity conservation and recovery) through agroforestry, sylvo pastures, and other sustainable land use schemes.

How will the initiative be implemented?

Initiative 20x20 is focused on three main activities: a political drive to inspire commitments to restoration, an analysis to document the economic case for restoration, and a supportive financial mechanism to fund restoration activities. Restoration activities are implemented by Latin American and Caribbean governments, with support from CATIE, CIAT, IUCN, WRI, and private sector investors.

Is it possible to incorporate other areas, for examples those that are being conserved under REDD+?

Any efforts leading to improved land functionality and social benefits can be incorporated into the initiative. The 20x20 includes re-wildering efforts, natural and assisted reforestation as well as agroforestry and sylvo pastures.

What type of monitoring will be in place to ensure the commitments are fulfilled?

Under the initiative a major monitoring effort in envisioned, capable of documenting the restoration process in some detail. Key elements in this effort include remote sensing, on the ground sampling and modeling. Stay tuned for more.

What will actually be accomplished by 2020? Do you mean that 20 million hectares will be restored by 2020?

Commitments to Initiative 20x20 are commitments to begin restoration activities on degraded lands by the year 2020. The process of restoration can take generations, and it is unlikely that the lands will be fully restored by 2020.

What is the relationship between Initiative 20x20 and the Bonn Challenge?

Commitments to Initiative 20x20 are in support of the Bonn Challenge, a global target to restore 150 million hectares of degraded land by the year 2020 through forest and landscape restoration. The commitments will also contribute to the New York Declaration on Forests that builds on and extends the Bonn Challenge to restore 350 million hectares by 2030.

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