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The Greenhouse Gas Protocol offers online learning solutions to get busy professionals up-to-speed on the world's most widely used greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting standards. Hosted on a low-cost and convenient e-learning platform, these courses are valuable for both experienced professionals and those just breaking into this emerging field.

Online courses have been developed for the following GHG Protocol standards:

Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard

Building off the Corporate Standard, the Scope 3 Standard allows companies to account and report their full value chain impacts. Many companies find that 80% or more of their GHG emissions come from their value chain, which makes understanding and managing these emissions so important.

Product Lifecycle Standard

What is a product’s carbon footprint? How can you reduce it? The Product Standard teaches students how to measure and manage the GHG emissions associated with a product over its complete life cycle.

Mitigation Goal Standard

How can countries, cities and states measure and report progress on commitments made to limit GHG emissions? The Mitigation Goal Standard provides guidance for designing national and subnational mitigation goals and a standardized approach for assessing and reporting progress toward goal achievement.

Policy and Action Standard

This standard provides a way for analysts at the national and local levels to evaluate the GHG impacts of specific policies, helping to improve their effectiveness in reducing emissions and inform where to invest resources to achieve the best results.

Visit the GHGP website to learn more. Have questions? Contact Yelena Akopian.

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