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Tools and Data


Catchment Pollution Calculators
This catchment calculator tool from provides information on relative contributions to pollutant loads from various land uses and the cost-effectiveness of investments in nutrient reduction practices.

Manure Management Calculators
The Minnesota Natural Resources Conservation Service offers a suite of calculators to estimate manure nutrient availability, minimum acreage needed to apply manure, residual manure nutrient crediting, and to develop custom nutrient management plans.

Nitrogen Footprint Calculator
The Bay Footprint calculator, developed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, is used to estimate residential nitrogen footprints, or the total annual load of nitrogen that a household contributes to the Chesapeake Bay.

NLOAD: An Interactive, We-Based Modeling Tool for Nitrogen Management in Estuaries
NLOAD is a web-based modeling tool produced by Boston University et al that allows users to estimate, or carry out simulations to estimate land-derived nitrogen loads,identify sources of land-derived nitrogen loads, ascertain effects of nitrogen loading on estuarine producers, and investigate possible options to manage nitrogen loads (See accompanying paper on Eutrophication/Hypoxia Publications section of Resource Library).

Science and Research Projects: Development of a Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Tool to Control Diffuse Loads of P and Particulates from Agricultural Land
Defra: Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, 2007.
This tool serves to help control agricultural loads of particulates and phosphorus within priority catchments suffering the effects of diffuse pollution. Such a system would help direct the efforts of local staff in DEFRA, English Nature and the Environment Agency.