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Resource Library is a compilation of valuable and up to date publications, websites, tools, etc, addressing several topics related to eutrophication & hypoxia. The information contained herein is an ideal starting point for those interested in the subject.

<p><em><b>Image Credit:</b> Greenpeace China</em></p>

Image Credit: Greenpeace China

Eutrophication and Hypoxia Publications

Browse our collection of critical publications and articles related to hypoxia and eutrophication. These publications are meant to represent key works that have advanced our understanding of eutrophication and hypoxia and its impacts.

<p><em><b>Image Credit</b>: NASA Visible Earth</em></p>

Image Credit: NASA Visible Earth

Regional Resources

Browse our collection of publications and links to regional resources on eutrophication and hypoxia.

Europe & Mediterranean | Asia | North America | Latin America & Caribbean | Africa & Middle East | Australia & South Pacific

<p><em><b>Image Credit</b>: Jerry Reid | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service</em></p>

Image Credit: Jerry Reid | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Related Topics

Browse our collection of publications and websites to topics related to hypoxia and eutrophication, including: coral reef degradation, the nitrogen cycle, and livestock production.

<p><em><b>Image Credit</b>: Selman and Greenhalgh 2009</em></p>

Image Credit: Selman and Greenhalgh 2009

Tools and Data

Browse our collection of tools, databases, satellite imagery, ect. All related to hypoxia and eutrophication. This sections covers both regional and global scales.


Browse a list of the references used to create the content of this webpage including references used in the creation of the Interactive Map.