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A participatory approach for Integrated River Basin Management in the Elbe catchment
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Awakening the Dead Zone: An Investment for Agriculture, Water Quality, and Climate Change
Greenhalgh, S., and A. Sauer. Washington, D.C.: World Resources Insitutute, 2003.
This document compares a number of policy options to reduce nutrient loss in the Mississippi River Basin from agricultural sources, provide new income sources for farmers, and help address hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico.

Can the EU agri-environmental aid program be extended into the coastal zone to combat eutrophication?
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Coastal eutrophication research: a new awareness
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Environmental Fees: can incentives help solve the Chesapeake’s nutrient pollution problems
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Eutrophication Potential for Food Consumption Patterns
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Influence of EU policy on agricultural nutrient losses and the state of receiving surface waters in Finland
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Monitoring of coastal and transitional waters under the E.U. Water Framework Directive
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Nutrient budgets for European seas: A measure of the effectiveness of nutrient reduction policies
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Overview of integrative tools and methods in assessing ecological integrity in estuarine and coastal systems worldwide
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Paying for Environmental Performance: Investing In Farmers and the Environment
Greenhalgh, S., Selman, M. and J, Guiling. World Resources Institute: Washington, D.C, 2006.

Paying for Environmental Performance: Potential Cost Savings Using a Reverse Auction in Program Sign-up
Selman, M., Greenhalgh, S., Taylor, M. and J, Guiling. World Resource Institute: Washington, DC, 2008.

Paying for Environmental Performance: Using Reverse Auctions to Allocate Money for Conservation
Greenhalgh, S., M. Selman, J. St. John, and J. Guiling. Washington, D.C.: World Resources Institute, 2007.
This document explains how reverse auctions can be used as a cost-effective method for allocating funding in US Farm Bill Conservation Programs.

Policy implications of human-accelerated nitrogen cycling
Mosier, A.R., Bleken, M.A., Chaiwanakupt, P., Ellis, E.C., Freney, J.R., Howarth, R.B., Matson, P.A., Minami, K., Naylor, R., Weeks, K.N. and Z.L, Zhu. Biogeochemistry 52: 281–320, 2001.

Return to Neverland: Shifting Baselines Affect Eutrophication Restoration Targets
Duarte, C.M., Conley, D.J., Carstensen, J. and M, Sanchez-Camacho. Estuaries and Coast 32: 29-36, 2009.

Sick Water? The Central Role of Wastewater Management in Sustainable Development
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), UN-HABITAT, GRID-Arendal, 2010.
A UNEP Report that outlines the central role of wastewater management in sustainable development. The nature of wastewater, its impacts on ecosystems, and different management strategies are addressed in this report.

The development of policy approaches for reducing nitrogen pollution to coastal waters of the USA
Howarth, R.W. Science in China Series C: Life Sciences 48(Special Issue): 791-806, 2005.

The European Nitrogen Assessment - Sources, Effects and Policy Perspectives
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The state of U.S. freshwater harmful algal blooms assessments, policy and legislation
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Too Much of a Good Thing
Sutton, M.A., Oenema, O., Erisman, J.W., Leip, A., Grinsven, H. and W, Winiwarter. Nature 472: 159-161, 2011.

Water Quality Trading: An International Overview
Selman, M., S. Greenhalgh, E. Branosky, C.Jones, and J. Guiling. Washington DC: World Resources Institute, 2009.
This research identified 57 water quality trading programs worldwide, and in addition, it identified five key factors that stakeholders believed were important for the successful implementation of their trading programs.