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IOC Network on Harmful Algae in North Africa (HANA)
HANA is responsible for the study of harmful algae in North African countries. The organization is currently dedicated to the collection of regional material involving HABs. HANA’s websites offers general information on HABs, publications, information on events, and will in the near future provide a database with regional information on HABs.

South Africa: State of the Environment
A website highlighting the various themes and findings of South Africa's 2009 State of the Environment Report. The report includes findings on pressures to coastal resources. The site includes an interactive map and links to GIS data sets.

The Interim Guinea Current Commission
A website dedicated to the Interim Guinea Current Commission that aims to streamline and bolster the management of the region’s Large Marine Ecosystem, an endangered body of water and 5,560 kilometres of coastline stretching from Guinea-Bissau to the northern Angolan Province of Cabinda.


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Middle East


A fish kill of Massive Proportion in Kuwait Bay, Arabian Gulf, 2001: the Roles of Bacterial Disease, Harmful Algae, and Eutrophication
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This publication indentifies and describes a number of conjoined factors considered to lead to two fish-kill events in Kuwait Bay. Particular meteorological conditions, nutrient enrichment, and bacterial disease are among the factors attributed to be responsible for a HAB outbreak and subsequent fish-kill event.

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Environmental Issues in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a Special Focus on Water Quality
General Department of Environmental Health, Riyadh Municipality. May 2009.
A general overview of water quality problems facing Jeddah, Saudi Arabia published online by the Riyadh Municipality.

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A number of conditions considered to have led to the first documented fish-kill event in the Arabian Sea (September, 1999) are described in this paper. Reportedly, meteorological conditions, increase in nutrient concentrations, and associated algal blooms may have led to the mass fish mortality observed within the bay.

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